Brownpaw (Browngaze)~ was a small apprentice tom of Pondclan. He has wide deep copper eyes and a light tabby pelt. Despite his small size, Brownpaw has a determined personality and a will to survive. Other than that, he is quiet and usually shy. Secretly, he had a crush on the Medicine Cat Apprentice (Hollypaw). StarClan lives in peace, here all old rivalry end, and there are no lines to divide anyone, StarClan is watched over by the hidden one called Stargazer. When there is a time of crises, he is the one called. All StarClan cats make there disisions togeather.
Hello warrior cats lovers! Me and a friend play on piecraft....and its down!!! So we made a server!!! tools/tracking. 2838791. 179-starclans-darkestwarrior-cats-rp-server.

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Free Starclan Cats wallpapers and Starclan Cats backgrounds for your computer desktop. Find Starclan Cats pictures and Starclan Cats photos on Desktop Nexus.
Swearing=Kick. Asking for promotion= OUT! being nice= promotion! We are the awesome starclan cats! Clan war 250+ to stay in clan.

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We are Starclan! We watch over all Clans! *Note: Only add Warrior Projects*. Starclan Cats. ( 10 Followers ).
StarClan Cat დამატების ჩამოტვირთვა Firefox-ზე. A StarClan cat in the stars. როგორ მოგეწონათ StarClan Cat? შედით ანგარიშზე თემის შესაფასებლად.

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Peachpaw is a cream and ginger calico she-cat with long, fluffy fur and yellow eyes. Peachpaw is Spottedshadow’s excitable apprentice. Only a few moons younger than Stonepaw, the two are very close friends and Peachpaw keeps things light and cheerful whenever she’s around. Although Peachpaw can be a bit clumsy and loud, Spottedshadow recognizes Peachpaw’s tenacity as something that will ...
A website for Warrior Cats fans. Create your cat, choose your Clan and make friends! Twoleg place/gardens. Fourtrees. The moonstone/StarClan.

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Normal StarClan cats. Warriors: AshClaw. About Edit. When a StarClan or Place of No Stars cat is forgotten and becomes too weak, they fade away and become reincarnated. If a cat doesn't go in the path they should of due to an injury or disability, they will be reincarnated a few seconds after death
Like yeah, it would be nice to have them live in eternal paradise and say a proper goodbye. But death as a whole, it doesn’t work like that. When your dead, you’re laid to rest. I don’t think even the StarClan cats spirits would want to be alive forever. Eventually, you’re gone. It was still a cute article though 😉

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"Cats came into the forest. These were not warrior cats. They lived in small groups, not yet Clans. There were no borders set down. And they fought constantly, fearful that prey might run out and that...
Starclan help us. This is a blog for my closet Warriors obsession. Nine years and still going strong!

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Most Warrior Cats go to StarClan. StarClan is a peaceful place where there is always prey, never winter, and no leader. In StarClan, the dead Warriors protect their Clanmates by sending them...
If you want to support the series, check out our patreon here! There are already some rewards posted for those who jo...

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StarClan Cats. Category page. Edit. Classic editor History Talk (0) This is a list of cats who have been/are currently dwelling in StarClan. All items (5) ...
Jun 01, 2015 · StarClan are the deceased warrior ancestors of the Clans who live on in spirit form after dying, and watch over the living Clan cats. There is no specific leader for StarClan, since there are many cats from all four Clans that work together. They are responsible for sending signs and omens to the living cats.

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Hello warrior cats lovers! Me and a friend play on piecraft....and its down!!! So we made a server!!! tools/tracking. 2838791. 179-starclans-darkestwarrior-cats-rp-server.

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Aug 15, 2007 · Wildfur was a Shadowclan cat who Spottedshadow have made friends with as apprentices. Being very rude to anyone near him, he made himself an outcast even in his clan. Though his lolaty was stonge, and his heart in the right place, he only listened when he thought it was worth his time.
Read Starclan Cat's from the story Warrior Cats Rp (Closed) by Snowkit12345678 (Bingbong) with Hopefully this is better than my last. Here you can be: Loners, Rogues, Kittypets, Tribe Cat's, and...

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Starclan Cat. 734 Me gusta · 2 personas están hablando de esto. Figura pública
StarClan honors your (virtues), and we welcome you as a full medicine cat of (Clan). Medicine Cat Apprentice Ceremonies When a medicine cat apprentice is chosen, there are two ceremonies: One in front of the Clan and another before the Moonstone. In front of the Clan: Medicine Cat: Cats of (Clan), as you know, I will not be around forever. So it's time I took an apprentice.

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Tigerstorm (formerly): Deceased Verified StarClan Resident Smokestar (informally): Living (As of The Season Of Sorrow) Grandfather: Swallowfur Deceased, Verified StarClan Resident Grandmother: Hopewhisker Deceased, Verified StarClan Resident Father: Dusk Deceased Verified Dark Forest Resident Mother: Windleap Living (As of The Season Of Sorrow) Sister:
Tagged: warrior cats, starclan, OC, I'm going to try and make my handwriting better, sorry lmao, Anonymous, We are in desperate times. Our clan has been savaged by rouges and our freshkill pile is nothing be scraps of crowfood.

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!o- Albinism (Makes the cat lack pigment. Comes in pink or blue eyed. Has some extreme health complications.) o- Polydactyly (Common in North Eastern US. Causes cats to have extra toes) x- Folded ears (scottish folds. Cartilage and bone problems present in cats homogenous for folded ears) x- Curled ears (american curls)
Welcome, cat. Do not be afraid - you are safe here. This is StarClan. None yet. None yet.

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The Dark Forest is a safe place in the New Prophecy game. It is the opposite of StarClan, as it is where all the cats who have commited atrocities against the warrior code go to after death. 1 Location 2 Description 3 New Prophecy 3.1 Book Storyline 4 Post-Book Storyline During the part of the game that follows the book storyline, the Dark Forest can only be reached by sleeping at certain ...
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At StarClan’s Refuge, we value the input of our players highly, and any one player plotline has the power to change the course of the clans from then on. The leaders of each clan and group can change the code of their clan in any way they see fit, ally with other groups, and even declare war.

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