Zabbix-server log contains this message: 1704:20171119:031406.248 failed to accept an incoming connection: connection rejected, getpeername() failed: [107] Transport endpoint is not connected; Config: +++++ CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core) zabbix-agent.x86_64 3.4.3-1.el7 @zabbix client:getpeername() Returns information about the remote side of a connected client object. Returns a string with the IP address of the peer, the port number that peer is using for the connection, and a string with the family ("inet" or "inet6"). In case of error, the method returns nil. Note: It makes no sense to call this method on server ...
IP addresses can be represented in several different ways, including IPv4, IPv6, integer, and hex formats. IPv4 format. This is the most common notation for IPv4 addresses. Each address is 32 bits in length and the 32-bit address is broken up into four 8-bit octets. Examples include,, and IPv6 format

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address is a (host, port) pair; for IPv6 it can instead be a (host, port, flowinfo, scopeid) 4-tuple. """ self.address = address self.protocol = protocol self.auth = auth # Set on each successful connection via the proxy to the # result of socket.getpeername() self.peername = None
getpeername (int sock, ... BSD Socket IPv6 options. Traffic Class . #define MSG_CTRUNC 0x08: Control data was truncated. #define MSG_DONTWAIT 0x01:

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This is the main module of the network package supposed to be used with either Network.Socket.ByteString or Network.Socket.ByteString.Lazy for sending/receiving.. Here are two minimal example programs using the TCP/IP protocol:
Book description. UNIX Network Programming, Volume 1: The Sockets Networking API, Third Edition "Everyone will want this book because it provides a great mix of practical experience, historical perspective, and a depth of understanding that only comes from being intimately involved in the field.

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Chapter 12 IPv4 and IPv6 Interoperability 353 IPv4与IPv6的互操作性 12.1 Introduction 353 概述 12.2 IPv4 Client, IPv6 Server 354 IPv4客户与IPv6服务器 12.3 IPv6 Client, IPv4 Server 357 IPv6客户与IPv4服务器 12.4 IPv6 Address-Testing Macros 360 IPv6地址测试宏 12.5 Source Code Portability 361 源代码可移植性
dnl ***** dnl * Please run autoreconf to test your changes! * dnl ***** # Set VERSION so we only need to edit in one place (i.e., here) m4_define(PYTHON_VERSION, 2.7 ...

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getpeername只有在连接建立以后才调用,否则不能正确获得对方地址和端口,所以它的参数描述字一般是已连接描述字而非监听套接口描述字。 没有连接的UDP不能调用getpeername,但是可以调用getsockname和TCP一样,它的地址和端口不是在调用socket就指定了,而是在第一 ...
So may sure that you connect() to a remote computer or bind() to a specific local IP before you use getsockname(). I wonder if enabling IPv6 has caused your machine to see multiple potential local IPs to use. Obviously you much be connected to a machine to use getpeername().

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Jun 12, 2020 · Refer to the deny (IPv6) and permit (IPv6) commands for more information on filtering IPv6 traffic based on IPv6 option headers and optional, upper-layer protocol type information. See the "Examples" section for an example of a translated IPv6 ACL configuration.
Updated CWSocket::Create method which takes a BOOL to include another default parameter to indicate IPv6 ; Updated CWSocket::GetPeerName to operate for IPv6 as well as IPv4 ; All CWSocket::Connect methods now try to connect all addresses returned from address lookups ; Addition of a CWSocket::CreateAndBind method which support IPv6 binding

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You can use either IPv4 or IPv6. Since IPv6 addresses are written in hexadecimal form, you must also provide result in same format, for example 2001:0db8:0000:0042:0000:8a2e:0370:7334 => 12ecd. This is code-golf. Standard rules and loopholes apply. Example. You run your server with ./server 1234. The server is now running and waiting for ...
:param host: IPv4, IPv6 or hostname may be specified :param port: TCP port number :param backlog: Maximum number of connections to queue :return: socket.socket object """ try: # IP address: family must be specified for IPv6 at least ip = ip_address(host) host = str(ip) sock = socket.socket( socket.AF_INET6 if ip.version == 6 else socket.AF_INET ...

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* The *flags* can be set to **BPF_F_TUNINFO_IPV6**, which * indicates that the tunnel is based on IPv6 protocol instead of * IPv4. * * The **struct bpf_tunnel_key** is an object that generalizes the * principal parameters used by various tunneling protocols into a * single struct.
* * Modified Jul 2001 by Pekka Savola * implement full IPv6 support (server uses ipv6 mapped addresses for ipv4) * fix a few warnings (from *BSD) * fix loads of more warnings * use snprintf with a few fixed-sized buffers, fix format strings * * Modified Oct 2001 by Jaakko Kyrö * Added -I option to specify network interface * * Modified Oct ...

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Apr 16, 2020 · To troubleshoot the issue, log in to the EC2 instance over SSH with verbose messaging on. Use the output messages from the SSH client to determine the type of issue, and then follow the troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

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... 1)支持ipv6和ipv4 gethostbyname getpeername getsockname getaddrinfo 2 Dual-Stack Sockets for IPv6 Winsock Applications In order to support both IPv4 and IPv6 on WindowsXP with Service Pack1 (SP1) and on Windows Server2003, an application has to create two sockets, one socket for use with IPv4 and one s...
getpeername always returns ipv6 . getpeername always returns ipv6. lace28. Hi, I have a problem with the function getpeername. It always returns me a structure of ...

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In this variation, we allow the user * to specify whether to only listen on IPv4, only on * IPv6, or to use a dual-stack socket. * * ./a.out [4|6] */ #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #define BACKLOG 5 /* Everything is stuffed into one giant 'main' here to * allow the reader to follow step-by-step ...
IPv4/IPv6 support. User profiles. Collect a Citrix Diagnostic Facility (CDF) Trace at System Startup. Citrix Insight Services. Citrix Scout . Monitor. Configuration Logging. Event logs. Director. Install and configure. Advanced configuration . PIV smart card authentication . Network analysis . Delegated Administration and Director . Secure ...

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Does MailerQ support IPv6? Yes, MailerQ supports IPv6. However, do note that not all receiving mail servers have support for IPv6. It is therefore recommended to use IPv4. Can I see my opens, clicks, etc. in MailerQ? No, statistics, such as opens, clicks and more are handled outside of MailerQ.
Get address from sockaddr_storage structure. Get address from sockaddr_storage structure. This works similar as getpeername() but will handle IPv4, IPv6 and Unix sockets/Windows named pipes.

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一起来学matlab-matlab学习笔记13函数 13_1 函数返回值. 本文为matlab自学笔记的一部分,之所以学习matlab是因为其真的是人工智能无论是神经网络还是智能计算中日常使用的,非常重要的软件。
The Guide is designed to irreverently ease your first steps into Internet Sockets programming in C. Starting from the ground up, it provides complete examples of simple clients and servers supporting both IPv6 and IPv4.

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Dec 22, 2016 · The list of endpoints obtained above could contain both IPv4 and IPv6 endpoints, so a program should try each of them until it finds one that works. This keeps the client program independent of a specific IP version.
Note that if you pass an IPv4 local_address, then you won’t be able to connect to IPv6 hosts, and vice-versa. If you want to take advantage of this to force the use of IPv4 or IPv6 without specifying an exact source address, you can use the IPv4 wildcard address local_address="", or the IPv6 wildcard address local_address="::". Returns

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IPv4, IPv6, and Ethernet addresses in POX are represented by the IPAddr, IPAddr6, and EthAddr classes of pox.lib.addresses. In some cases, other address formats may work (e.g., dotted-quad IP addresses), but using the address classes should always work. For example, when working with IP addresses:

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